Review your personal and family health history and gauge the risk of genetic diseases being passed on.
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There are many health conditions that are passed on from parents to their children over generations and are known as hereditary or genetic diseases. Crysta offers you genetic counselling sessions that assess the risk for such genetic conditions.

  • Infertility genetic counselling

  • Prenatal and pediatric counselling

  • Adult onset disorder counselling


Early detection of a Genetic disorder that's present in a family

Risk assessment for recurrence of the genetic disorder in a family

Management and treatment options for the at risk individual

Reduce genetic disorder burden in future generations




  • Pre Test Counselling

  • Test

  • Post Test Counselling

Various Tests



This is a blood test that examines the 23 pairs of chromosomes for extra or missing or abnormal copies of them in the baby.

Thalassemia Carrier Screening

The hemoglobin HPLC test quantifies the different types of hemoglobin in the blood of the parent, to identify if their baby carries a risk of having thalassemia.

Couple Carrier Screening

This screening helps to identify if the couple is carrying the same recessive gene mutation. The carriers might be asymptomatic but together they have a 25% chance of passing on the mutation to their baby.


This is short for a non-invasive prenatal test screening, without the risk of miscarriage via DNA testing in mother's blood, the screening helps to check if the fetus has any chromosomal anomaly.

Why choose Crysta's Genetic Counselling?


One stop platform

Connecting Crysta parents to multidisciplinary healthcare specialists, routine testing through an online E-module


Certified Genetic Counselors

BGCI certified genetic counselors to help you understand the risk of genetic disorders in your family


Ease of Use

Easy to use platform for online pre-test and post-test counselling sessions


In-house labs

State of the art In-house accredited labs for genetic testing, ease of sample collection with on-time online reports


Convenient and trustworthy

Sample collection and report delivery, as they maintain confidentiality while being transparent.


Cost effective

Personalised sessions and affordable genetic testing options


Genetics is a specialized branch of science that deals with diseases that occur due to the mutations in your DNA can be transferred to the next generation.

Genes are the basic units of hereditary that determine the characteristics of a person. These are transferred from our parents to us and forward to our children. Sometimes these genes may carry a harmful variation called mutation and may lead to a medical condition also known as a genetic disorder.

Genetic Counselling is the process of helping individuals understand and adapt to the medical, psychological and familial implications of genetic diseases that run in a family. A genetic counsellor helps identify a genetic disease in the family of an individual and enables them to make informed choices regarding the tests, management and prevention in the future generations. It covers four main aspects like diagnosis, risk estimation, preventive measures, management and support.

Genetic counselling is divided into two parts. A pre-test and a post- test counselling. It starts with taking a detailed medical and family history of the individual leading to determine the etiology, inheritance pattern, recurrence risk and subsequently appropriate genetic testing is advised. Individuals are counselled regarding the test results and made aware of the complete scenario of the disease and its implications which allows them to make informed choices regarding treatment, management and prevention.

Every person has 23 pairs of chromosomes i.e. a total of 46 chromosomes in the body. Sometimes there is seen an extra copy of chromosome 21 in certain individuals also called as a Trisomy 21 which leads to Down’s Syndrome. This disorder causes a distinct facial appearance, intellectual disability and developmental delays.

It is not mandatory that if your first child has Down’s syndrome, all future babies may also have it. It is important to know if parents are harbouring a chromosomal anomaly which is causing the syndrome in the baby or if the parents are normal for any chromosomal problem and only the baby is affected. It is advised to contact a genetic counsellor or clinical geneticist who can help explain the risk of recurrence in future pregnancies and how to prevent it in the next pregnancy.

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Genetic Counselling

Definition: Genetic Counselling is the process by which the knowledge about genetic conditions or illnesses is provided by a trained professional to an individual at risk of being affected by such a disorder. A Genetic Counsellor helps to identify and diagnose a genetic condition running in a family and estimate the risk of individuals who are prone to inheriting such disorders or passing it onto their children. A Genetic counsellor provides information regarding genetic diseases, their inheritance, management and possible treatment for the affected individual. They also provide emotional and psychological support in coping with the disease. Genetic Counselling also helps in preventing genetic diseases in being passed to the next generation. There are certain diseases which can be passed from parents to their children, which are called genetic diseases. There are many genetic disorders and they are usually caused due to a change in the DNA in our body called a mutation. The DNA contains the code for making a functional human being and any mutations may cause different types of problems in certain people.