Let us guide you in this journey with timely consultations, screenings and appropriate testings.
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Begin your pregnancy journey with us. From planning your pregnancy till you take a healthy baby home, Crysta is here to make your 9 months a smooth journey. As your companion we manage all your Gynaecologist appointments, counselling, routine diagnostic testing and antenatal screening tests so that you fall in love with your pregnancy.

Crysta for Pregnancy

Solutions Offered

  • Clinical consultations

    Regular Gynaecologist consultations with appointment tracking to build your personalised pregnancy calendar

  • Routine antenatal testing

    Mandatory screenings to ensure the healthy growth of your baby

  • Advanced testing and counselling

    Review your personal and family health history to gauge the risk and prevent genetic diseases being passed on to your baby.

What makes our services special?

From delivering the best in class services with our reputed OBGYNs pan India,
Crysta is one of it's kind online based platform that provides fertility solutions.

  • Single Platform

    Provides access to all digital consultation services for consultations, relevant testings and on time reports.

  • Cost-Effective

    Our packages can be customized as per your needs and requirements, as suggested by the clinician.

  • Genetic Evaluation

    We look into your family's health history and gauge the risks of any future complications and tackle them beforehand!

  • Appointment Tracking

    For your convenience we make sure to remind you for all the mandatory tests and counselling sessions.

  • Convenient

    Timely sample collection and report delivery, while we maintain confidentiality and transparency!



The peak of fertility is between early 20s to mid-30s and so this period would be an appropriate time to consider pregnancy.

There are many factors that contribute to infertility. A proper evaluation of both the partners is the first step towards diagnosing the cause which can then be treated accordingly.

There could be many reasons for miscarriages, some being genetic in nature. Consulting a doctor and subsequently a genetic counsellor will help you determine the cause for the same.

Yes, there are chances that healthy parents are asymptomatic carriers of a medical condition and may have a 25% chance of passing it on to their children. It is also possible that healthy non-carrier couples may have a baby with a medical condition due to genetic or environmental factors. The root cause can be determined through a genetic counsellor.

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