A healthy baby comes from a healthy you. A session with our specialist will help the couple make necessary lifestyle changes and prepare for a pregnancy.
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Pregnancy is the most exciting 9 months in a couple's life, whether you are planning or are expecting a baby, the journey ahead is bumpy yet a beautiful one. We at Crysta want to guide you to ensure your baby's well being.

Crysta Counselling
and who needs it:

For couples planning for a baby, we ensure that you are physically and psychologically fit for the road ahead

To help you manage your pregnancy at every milestone, even adressing the stress associated to being a first time parent

To guide you about the mandatory screenings and tests whether you are expecting or planning for a baby, we guide you on the steps you must take for your baby's health

To support by providing counselling sessions with every test, helping you understand your path to parenthood

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Why Crysta?

One-stop platform

Connecting Crysta parents to multidisciplinary healthcare specialists, routine testing through an online E-module

Certified Counselors

To help couples plan ahead for a stress-free pregnancy

Ease of Use

Easy to use platform for online counselling sessions

Confidentiality and data privacy

Personalised sessions and consultations with assured patient privacy


The peak of fertility is between early 20s to mid-30s and so this period would be an appropriate time to consider pregnancy.

There are many factors that contribute to infertility. A proper evaluation of both the partners is the first step towards diagnosing the cause which can then be treated accordingly.

There could be many reasons for miscarriages, some being genetic in nature. Consulting a doctor and subsequently a genetic counsellor will help you determine the cause for the same.

Yes, there are chances that healthy parents are asymptomatic carriers of a medical condition and may have a 25% chance of passing it on to their children. It is also possible that healthy non-carrier couples may have a baby with a medical condition due to genetic or environmental factors. The root cause can be determined through a genetic counsellor.

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Pregnancy Counselling:

Pregnancy is an exciting time in the life of a couple. Whether you are planning or are expecting a baby, the journey ahead is bumpy yet a beautiful one. As future parents, we want to do everything just right to ensure our baby is born safe and healthy. Whether it is eating right, keeping fit or making those small little changes in our lifestyle, we can move the earth for our little bundle of joy.